Why Castelli International School?

We are indeed unique. Nowhere will you find a school library made out of wine vats, to say the least, but there is more to it. Our beautiful countryside setting helps enhance our learning experience. We are a multicultural community and enjoy and respect each other’s differences, becoming more considerate, mature and responsible individuals, as we grow together, through the school years.

In English High Schools our students perform above the norm, and in Italian High Schools the students ‘fly’ through the first year.

In 1977, bilingual schools in Italy did not exist. Castelli International was the first in Italy to integrate the Italian with the Anglo Saxon approach to education, and still differs from other international schools who have a dual system where Italian is taught separately to pass the Italian state exams. Our international curriculum encompasses both the English and Italian core subjects. The hands-on approach joined with the theoretical enriches the learning experience. Our graduates come out “con un marcia in più”‘as many ex- parents say. In English high schools our students perform above the norm, and in Italian high schools the students ‘fly’ through the first year.

Bilingualism is more demanding and rigorous but also more rewarding. We do not believe in allowing tests to dictate our teaching. Instead, we promote a style of learning through which children develop an exploratory approach, from which knowledge, and the ability to pass tests are a happy by-product. Thus, at the annual English and Italian exam sessions, beyond assessing the student’s ability to read and write, students demonstrate their ability to reason, be inquisitive, present their arguments and come to their own conclusions. This is what prepares them gradually throughout their schooling to face the more complex issues of our future world.

Our international faculty is very special. By joining CIS they accepted the formidable challenges of a bilingual international education. Students are motivated and encouraged to be inquisitive and discuss their points, thus developing their ability to reason and look for solutions through observation, experimentation, trial and error. Our teachers delve into the complexity of bilingualism with intelligence, creativity, enthusiasm and flexibility, always ready to discuss new approaches to enhance a child’s learning experience.


It has been my pleasure visiting at your school, which is truly wonderful, and it is my duty to raise awareness and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Your students are very informed and are very intelligent, much above what I normally see. I believe they will grow to be fine citizens of the world.

Nahum Melamed

Our children look forward to school, which is how it should be: a joy in exploring knowledge, and not a durdgery of memorizing facts.

Various experiences had given me reason to believe that I was a student with poor capacities, but somewhere deep in myself I knew it was not true. And that, am certain, was due to my year as your student. You helped me grow confident that year. You also created an atmosphere where we had the right to learn and grow in our own ways, where we, your students, were the actors of our own learning.

Jonna Louvrier – HELSINKI


Our parents are exceptional and willingly contribute and share their knowledge with our students which makes learning a reality. CIPA helps knit the community together through the social events they organize throughout the year. And most importantly, our children look forward to school which is how it should be: a joy in exploring knowledge, and not a drudgery of memorizing facts.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by nature and take full advantage of it by planting healthy greens to eat, experiencing grape and olive picking. Children learn what is good for the earth and what harms it, as well as what is good in terms of nutrition and what harms us. In this way our teachers encourage them to ‘eat what they grow’ and develop our Earth to Table culture, as well as enabling them to become more responsible and respectful towards nature.


Our graduating class has the opportunity to travel to the USA and participate in the Harvard Model United Nations Conference , where our students interact with some 3000 students world-wide discussing and trying to formulate resolutions to the outstanding issues dealt with at the real United Nations. An unforgettable experience from which students return with pride and foresight into the future. Learning at CIS is vibrant, constant, exciting and rewarding for both teacher and student. We thank you parents for entrusting your children to us and joining us in these precious years of your child’s growth.