Castelli International School has a rolling admissions policy which means that applications will be accepted throughout the school year and summer.

Your application file will be complete when CIS has received:

  • your application form.
  • a recommendation from your child’s teacher
  • a copy of the two most recent report cards.

Additional information can be emailed to the school to support this online application, including Part 3 which can be completed off line and emailed separately.Please email this to: ensuring you put the full name and date of birth of the prospective student.

Once we have received a copy of your information, we will endeavour to contact you within the week.You will receive a copy of the information we have received via email automatically. Please check  your spam filters.


Part 1

Applicant Information

First Name:   Surname:  
Date of Birth:   Gender: MaleFemale
Home Address:   Postcode:  
Telephone Number:   Cell Phone  
Your Email:  
Month and Year you would like to start at CIS  

Part 2

Current School Information

Name of School

  Current Grade  
Dates of Attendance From:   To:  
Name of Principal  
School Address   Post code  
Principal's Telephone   Cell Phone  
Principal's email  

Part 3

Questions for the candidate:

To be completed for applicants entering grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 only.

You can type the answers here. You can expand the box by dragging the bottom right hand corner.


What language(s) do you speak at home?
What are your hobbies?  
In what clubs, organizations or activities have you participated, if any?  
What do you like most about your school?  
What are your favourite subjects and why?  
Is there anything else you you feel we should know about you?  

Essay Questions for Candidate

Please choose one of the following statements and write a short essay. Use the bottom right hand corner of the box to expand it.

1. Tell us about a book you have read and why you found it interesting.
2. Write about an experience that influenced you in a positive or negative way.
3. If you could create your own school, what would it be like?

Select Essay Title:

Thank you for completing your application. Please take a moment to check through the information you have completed all the information.


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