PBL classes are for students who do not take the Italian State Exams. The course is totally student centered with one or more students working on a topic of their choice that links to the subjects studied in class. They take ownership of their learning, work independently or in teams to share their knowledge through research, note taking reflection and evaluation. 

Innovation, creativity and collaboration enable students to work on mini presentations to develop their communication skills and share the outcome of a team project with the school community. These projects vary from hands-on experience to research on global issues. Gardening, for example, includes studying the benefits of recycling, composting. preparing the earth for sowing seeds, watching and recording their growth. 

During the autumn harvest students pick grapes, olives, chestnuts, pumpkins as well as flowers. They learn how to discover the nutritional benefits and prepare it for consumption (flatbreads, cookies, pies and salads). which they enthusiastically share with the school community. This experience ls then transferred to poetry where students write Haikus to express the image, emotion and season of their work. 

Another example is dealing with global issues, reflecting on the causes and effects and trying to work out solutions through discussion and debate. Global issues like Human Rights, Gender equality, Biodiversity and ecosystem loss as well as the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 are discussed. Students choose their area of interest and work collaboratively to try to find solutions to the problems created by these issues. Developing listening, note-taking and speaking skills are essential to conduct a constructive and dynamic debates.


Olive Harvest


Falling from the tree

Tiny pellets dropping down

To the sleepy ground

Aylin, Grade 5

Green, small, shiny, fruit,

Pick them all don’t let them fall

Oil is so good

Luciano, Grade 6

Grape Picking

The warm friendly breeze

A sweet time for picking grapes

And fresh wine is made

Gabriella, Grade 6

Bright green, sweet, juicy

Cluster of shiny bubbles

Wine is arriving!

Albans, Grade 6



Spikey when picked up,

Raw tastes weird but cooked is good,

Climbing a tree

Mark, Grade 7

Brown leaves falling down

Prickly chest with nuts inside

It hurts but is fun

Nicolas, Grade 6

Happily I pick

Glossy gems in prickly chests

Winds rage in the sky

Mateo, Grade 6

Cooking Flowers

Sage, rosemary, salt,

Into the big bowl they go,

Delicious flower

Ines, Grade 4

Bright Yellow Flowers

Bright yellow flowers,

Lonely in the green garden,

Happy in their home

Ines, Grade 4


Gently falling leaves

Huge pumpkins sleeping on stems

Good tasty cookies !

Valerie, Grade 6