A letter from our Head

Harvest Time

What an energetic, exciting and rewarding harvest season! The students enjoyed picking grapes, olives and chestnuts in the open air – and parents, hopefully, enjoyed roasting these carefully selected chestnuts.  Fresh-air outdoor classes were also very welcome, where students actually read books, analyzed and discussed them, danced and played instruments. 

Pumpkin Raffle

The month ended with a pumpkin raffle, the winners are 3 students from grades 1 and 2 who will go to the school pumpkin patch on Monday to pick their prize pumpkin. The €149 raised with this raffle are the first funds that will go to our next fund raising project: investing in an “Olive Oil Cultivator” (frantoio) to enable our students not only to pick the olives but also see how olive oil is freshly pressed. We also had some fun Halloween events. The Elementary School classrooms were nicely decorated by the Parent Class Representatives and the students enjoyed the Halloween-themed day. The Middle School students had a fun movie afternoon in their classrooms.

Meeting the Pandemic Challenges

It was a lovely month, full of active learning for the children. It was also a month in which we successfully dealt with some of the challenges posed to us by the current global pandemic. The precautionary measures we took in order to help ensure the health and safety of our school community, resulted in certain grades periodically following their lessons online. Students participated in these lessons with their characteristic enthusiasm and we are grateful to the teachers for once again ensuring that their education was unaffected by the brief periods in which they couldn’t physically attend school.

A special thank you goes out to our dedicated, creative and flexible faculty and staff, as well as to our very collaborative and supportive parents. Let’s look to the future with determination and optimism!

All the best,

Ms. P.