[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]As the sun turns from gold to amber and slowly sets over Rome, the cicadas’ chirping softens and the heat of the day mellows, Castelli’s musical talent stirs and warms up to provide an unforgettable evening of in-house, home-grown musical entertainment.

Music under the Stars is a showcase of  Castelli International School’s musical talent. There’s an eclectic mix of instruments, styles and performances – some classical, rap and DJing, and the occasional dance performance too.

After the talent showcase has drawn to a close food and a live band or disco is laid on to say thank you to pupils, parents and staff, and because it’s our final social event before graduation, it goes on until late.

With the moon bathing the campus in its silver light, and with lanterns twinkling and our stars dancing the night away, for many of us, it’s a chance to say goodbye to the friends we’ve made over the past eight years and make promises to keep in touch. Which of course we do and it’s not unusual for old friends to pop in to see us for  Music under the Stars or Sports Day. That’s the thing about Castelli, and the social events we have. The bonds created there last a lifetime.

Music under the stars is usually held in late June.

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