As children learn, grow and travel up through the school, we encourage them to stop, reflect and be mindful of what they are doing. Our mindfulness programme is key to ensuring:


You can read more about the benefits of mindfulness here

What does a mindfulness session involve.

The sessions last between 5 and 10 minutes and involve breathing exercises. The children use their breath as an anchor and are encouraged to focus on it. Next, while focusing on their breathing they are guided to empty their minds of thoughts and notice the thoughts they are having, without judging them, instead they focus on the sensation of the air going in and out through their nostrils.

Once relaxed, the students are then guided to focus on sounds and sensations around them, in that moment: the rooster crowing in the distance, the twitter of the birds, the creaking of wooden beams, the breathing of classmates.

What our teachers and students noticed

The benefits of teaching mindfulness in schools are clear and since introducing this programme 4 years ago, pupils, parents and teaching staff have all reported that after practicing mindfullness, the students feel more relaxed, they are more focused and better able to work.
We introduced mindfulness as part of our holistic approach to an international education.

Why not visit us to find out more

Throughout the year we run open days and information days where prospective parents and students are invited to visit us, tour the school and the grounds and meet teaching staff and children.