Every year the Ed Tech, Art and History teachers challenge their students to organised an educational fair around a theme.

During the fair the students must choose a topic they have studied and demonstrate an element of their program to visiting parents and the children of the elementary school. The students prepare posters, slide shows, demonstrations and experiments and they are all designed to help the younger students understand what is being taught.

To mark the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinici, this year, all of the educational fairs all connected and the students were inspired as they visited exhibitions this year that displayed his work and inventions

In Ed Tech, students constructed some of his most famous inventions, like the Da Vinci helicopter, the bridge, the catapult, the parachute
In Art, several students  made a live representation of Da Vinci’s famous painting such as “The Last Supper”.

In History students presented some of Da Vinci’s  “war machines” like the tank and the “flying machine”, the History presentations illustrated warfare in the late 1400s

The whole afternoon was a joy to behold. The elementary students had fun going from stall to stall, asking questions and listening attentively as the Castelli’s middle school students explained carefully the important concepts they had been learning. Moreover, because not all of our parents are as strong in English as our students, the students were encouraged to work bi- and sometimes even tri-lingually, explaining and demonstrating in the language that would best suite their current audience.

At Castelli International School, our international programme is regularly enriched with peer-to-peer learning activities such as these. The educational fairs are held between April and June every year.

If you want to learn something, study it. but if you really want to understand it – teach it. That is precisely what our annual educational fairs are about.