Grazie al bellissimo campus della nostra scuola, la classe ha potuto prendere parte alla “Vendemmia” – raccogliendo l’uva, imparando come fare il vino e creando dei bellissimi lavori artistici.

Istruzioni scritte dagli studenti per la vinificazione (inglese)


  1. Pick some grapes and make sure you get them at the end of September or in October, like this your grapes will be mature.
  2. De-stem all the grapes and be careful not to leave any mouldy or ruined grapes. 
  3. After you have checked that every grape is mature, put the grapes into a large bucket.


  1. Crush the grapes with bare feet, but make sure that your feet are clean!!!
  2. Leave the big bucket with crushed grapes in a cool, dark place for about one week.

Pressing and Fermentation 

  1. Put the crushed grapes into a wine press to extract some grape juice/must.
  2. Pour all the grape juice/must into a demijohn. 
  3. Put one end of a cork with a plastic tube in the demijohn and the other end of the tube in a jug of water so that the oxygen doesn’t come in the demijohn but the carbon dioxide can go out.  
  4. Leave the demijohn in a cool, dark place for about one month.
  5. Leave it there to ferment.

Author: Matilde 

Editor: Diletta