One of our guiding principles is to learn through activity with experiential learning. Our Grade 4 pupils put hands-on learning into practice when studying ‘Ancient Egyptians.’

They learnt about how the Egyptians used shadufs to extract water from the River Nile to irrigate the land. They then made their own shaduf models, using materials that they themselves had assembled. As you can see from the photo gallery, the shadufs they built were extremely impressive!

Pupils also had great fun researching the River Nile, using our wide range of library books on the topic to create information posters in groups and to prepare an oral presentation for the class.

Pupils also decorated our interactive ‘Ancient Egypt’ display board with lots of interesting facts that they had independently researched. The really fun part came when they then had to create quiz questions based on the information they had presented on the display. Children from all grades continue to have lots of fun taking these question cards, looking for the information on the display and then trying to memorise these facts so that they don’t have to look for the answer next time! What question would you like to answer?

What a difference it makes learning hands-on!