On June 22nd, 2019 the Castelli International 8th grade students celebrated their Graduation. Some had been at Castelli for 8 years, others for 4 years or less. Dressed in the traditional Castelli blue graduation robes and hats, they all gave speeches expressing gratitude to the school and the teachers for their time here and baggage of knowledge they are taking away with them. Here is what Alberto expressed:

Good evening friends, parents and teachers. I still cannot believe this is my last day at Castelli International School.

Middle school is a mixture of happiness and sadness, good grades and bad grades, fun times and hard times. In the five years I spent at Castelli, I learned many life lessons such as appreciating what surrounds me, acknowledging how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to study in this school and believing in myself because nobody else is going to do that for me.

In these five years I also learned that friendship is one of the most important aspects in life along with love, bond and trust in one another. The day I entered this school, in 4th grade, I felt as though I belonged here. I soon became friends with everyone in my class and I am sure these friendships will last forever.

Today a new world is opening before our eyes as we are faced with new challenges. However, I think Castelli gave us the tools we need to face whatever challenge we will encounter. We have to thank our beloved teachers for this. They opened our minds with constant devotion, even when we were distracted by silly business, they never gave up, well aware of the inner gift in all of us. They provided us with a wide range of academic knowledge but also with a hands-on approach to problem-solving. Therefore, I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all of the teachers, to my mother and my sister and to all those who have stood by me and supported me during my stay at Castelli.

I would like to end this speech with a quote from the famous Blues musician B.B. King: “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you”

Two longstanding and dedicated teachers are retiring this year.

Ms. Notari, who has worked with us for 32 years and

Ms. Cri who has worked here fore 22 years.

Castelli International will be forever grateful for the passion and dedication they put in their job all these years.