[vc_row height=”small”][vc_column][us_single_image image=”2163″ size=”full” align=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row height=”small” css=”.vc_custom_1481123122015{margin-bottom: 273px !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Saturday, June 24th was a warm and emotional evening as the class of 2017 graduated. Castelli International’s 39th graduation included some inspirational and moving speeches from both parents and graduates Ms. Natasha opened the evening advising the graduates to follow their dreams: “When you feel a passion growing inside you, when you have a dream, give it your time and energy so it can bloom (…) following your passions will make you come alive and this world needs people that have come alive”

She was then followed  by Mr. Fioretti, a CIS parent that has broken an all-time record at Castelli: he has been a Castelli parent for 20 years, his youngest daughter just graduated and these are his thoughts on his Castelli experience: “The proof is in the pudding, they say, and I must confess, I have already tasted the pudding. I can tell you that because my two elder children have built their further education on the foundations received at this school and have already, very successfully, entered their professional careers.

Mr. Fioretti closed his speech with a few recommendations for the graduates:  “…remember that you don’t have to follow the crowd. You can think with your own brain (….),  …don’t be in too big of a hurry to grow up. These are some great times in your life, don’t rush them.”

He was then followed by another parent speaker,  who has been a Castelli parent for 8 years, Mr. Macchi,  who understood from the very beginning that Castelli International was, academically, a challenging school but with good objectives:  “This school is a special place to grow up in that prepares its students to become citizens of the world”

As the rosy hue from the sunset enveloped the graduates, the students gave their touching and very meaningful speeches.
Student speaker Viola, held the audience captivated with her mature words: “I’d like to thank this school, for being a greenhouse that has allowed my dreams to grow, and our teachers, for teaching me not only what I can learn from school books, but life lessons of respect towards others and towards the world around me”

Student speaker Tommaso  gave a short but inspiring speech bringing in a meaningful quote: “William Butler wrote that ‘Education is not the filling of a pen but the lighting of a fire’ and I can proudly say that Castelli managed to do so with me and thanks to this, I will face my future with a more open-mind”

A special note on the importance of friendship by another student speaker, Glyne: “Although I miss Zambia, my friends have helped me enjoy this special school, they were my first thought upon wake up and they are the most unique, friendly and generous friends anyone can have. They helped me when I felt lonely, they helped me when I was going through hard times.”

The evening closed with a delicious dinner, a  superb cake and the inevitable laughter and tears!
We wish the best of luck to our 2017 graduates and look forward to welcoming them back soon as part of Castelli International’s alumni community.
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