Castelli International School’s history is a long and happy one. It started with Mrs. P. teaching a handful of kids around her kitchen table and gradually expanded into an elementary and middle school. It has grown, but still maintains an environment where not only is a high quality international education offered, but also an experience that nurtures friendships and happy memories.

Way back in 1977, when flared trousers were cool the first time around, and the Internet, Facebook and email were words yet to be coined, a fresh-faced young boy called Ariel joined the school. Some 35 years later, Ariel, now a weathered alumni, found the school’s website and sent us the following email.

“Hi, my name is Ariel Plon and I was one of the first students in your school. I remember Ms. Palladino clearly and would love to send her my best. I went to your school between 1977 and 1978 and have the best memories of the vineyards, of the school events with parents and the classrooms.

Please pass on my best wishes for a long-lasting continuity of the school and hope to someday return to the campus.

Regards, Ariel”