The Earth to Table project has been causing a stir this month with the kids getting to sample the fine food they’ve grown with their own hands.

Way back in October they tilled the soil, prepared the beds and planted broccoli. With a little over five months of regular trips to the vegetable garden to tend to the plants, the advent of spring means it’s time to harvest.

So Class 2 went down to the garden and picked the broccoli. Next it was washed carefully, and the they were cut into to bite-sized pieces.

A dressing was prepared, and then with the help of Ms. Christine, the children observed, the broccoli being stir-fried.

She started by toasting some sunflower seeds to give the stir-fry some crunchy-loveliness, and then added the broccoli. Once they were well on the way to being cooked, the children’s special dressing was added, along with some soy-sauce.  It was then served up to the children and, well see for yourselves what they had to say about it.