The bilingual program successfully integrates the Italian and English curricula. Core courses in English, Italian, Mathematics, History, Geography and Science are supplemented with courses in Art, Design and Technology,Music and Drama, Physical Education, Library and Computer Studies.

Students who wish to follow the complete bilingual program will graduate having taken both the Italian Ministry of Education Diploma (“Licenza Media”) and the English Middle School diploma.

The multi-faceted program and its emphasis on meeting the needs of each child, prepares the student to deal maturely with his/her responsibilities in our ever more challenging society.

Classes are small and informal; friendly teacher-student relationships enhance the individual development of each student. When weather permits, classes can be held in the open.

Bilingual Curriculum:

It is our belief that in today’s world students need to develop the ability to receive and transmit knowledge and information in more than one language. They thus acquire valuable skills needed for the future and an enormous flexibility in reasoning and cultural competencies.
We provide a comprehensive and balanced curriculum in which the Italian Ministerial programme is integrated into our English curriculum.  Students  opting for the bilingual programme may also take the Italian State Examinations.

Completion of the Middle School Diploma allows students to enter American, English and  International schools worldwide.  Completion of the Licenza Media  allows students to enter the Italian and EU Public High schools. To be eligible for the Italian Licenza Media, students must have passed the 5th Elementary State exams or it’s equivalent from another country.

All core subjects are taught in English except for Italian and French that are taught by mother-tongue teachers.  Grades 1 and 2 have Italian twice a week. The first grade focuses on listening, conversation, recitation and manual skills, whereas the second grade is introduced to the basics of  Italian grammar and writing.  From  the third grade, Italian is taught daily.  Students passing the fifth grade State exams are eligible to continue the bilingual system in the Middle school whereas students not taking the Italian State exams will continue auditing Italian as a foreign language.

French is compulsory from 5th through 8th grades. French nationals, however, can opt for the  (CNED) at cost, to facilitate entry into French schools.