When you can't control what's happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what's happening. That is where your power is.

The school head, Ms. P has always pointed out that the Chinese ideogram for the word “crisis” is composed of two characters (危机) that respectively mean “danger” and “opportunity.” The faculty, students and families are enthusiastically embracing opportunity during this difficult time. Teachers have gained numerous new digital skills to allow for remote teaching, while students are gaining many valuable working skills of the adult world: responsibly following a schedule, being punctual for online meetings, working collaboratively on presentations and adhering to deadlines, whilst simultaneously continuing to move ahead in the didactic programme.

"Remote learning has opened a new dimension in teaching for me, I am learning skills that I kept pushing aside for whenever I had more time (= never). COVID-19 forced me into this and I’m fascinated with what I’m learning!"
Ms. Natasha
Teacher, Grade 8

What do our students say?

"I love our virtual classroom because I can see my teacher and my classmates and we can still do fun lessons together".
Olivia, Grade 4
"For me, this period has been super fun even if I am not able to go to school".
Edoardo, Grade 4
"The online learning exercises are super!"
Niccolo, Grade 4

Perseverance is another quality which will develop in all of us and make us as individuals stronger, as this experience continues week by week.
Yet again, the “Castelli team” has proved to be a proactive, cohesive and creative group of individuals! And students, we are very proud of all of you! (but please come back soon!).

What do our parents and teachers say?

"Orlando enthusiastically takes part in the online lessons, and as parents, it gives us great pleasure to see our son responsibly and happily doing his homework".
Parent, Grade 3
"It's a challenging time for all, but watching everyone pulling together to make this all work has been hugely inspiring. It has been a massive effort from all and we will emerge from this even closer and stronger than we were before."
Mr. Murphy, Teacher Grade 4