A strong sense of Community

A school with a strong sense of community will never be forgotten.

At Castelli the atmosphere is intimate and students and parents feel a real sense of belonging.

Castelli International Parents Association (CIPA) plays a substantial role in promoting initiatives to enhance the school community spirit by organizing social events, games and fund raising initiatives.

Our Alumni are a very vibrant and actively involved community of graduates who connect with each other from all over the world and never miss a chance to drop by the school when possible.

Facebook is their favourite means of communication, as it made it possible for our oldest alumni of 40 years ago to keep in touch with their peers and communicate with the evergrowing international alumni community.

Guest visitors significantly contribute to the students’ learning experience. Over the years, our visitors have included experts in astronomy, economics, engineering, medicine, nutrition, music and theatre.

Castelli promotes cultural exchanges and cooperation with international schools and institutions. Our students share projects and ideas with their peers from other schools around the world.
Schools from other countries are hosted and we have supported schools and individual students in Kenya, Malawi and India by raising funds.

Castelli is a founding member of the Rome International Schools Association (RISA)where common issues are shared and cultural exchanges, educational workshops, conferences for teachers, inter-school activities and games are organized.

My.Castelli is a password protected portal to communicate to parents school updates, students’ work and performances, class communication, assignments and any other events that teachers wish to share with parents.
The most popular social events that enhance the spirit of the school community are the Winter show performed by all students, Music Under the Stars, where our musically talented students perform their pieces, followed by an international buffet prepared by the parents and Sports Day where students participate in games and competitive sports followed by an international lunch and more afternoon activities.

Teacher testimonials

Teaching here is an absolute pleasure. The idyllic environs and spacious grounds enable lessons to be conducted both indoor and outdoor. Creative teaching is very much encouraged and is greatly appreciated by parents and pupils. The enthusiasm for learning among pupils is inspiring for teachers and makes the job a very fulfilling one to do.

Mr. Murphy
Elementary Teacher

Teaching here is a pleasure. Students are genuinely curious, ask questions and show interest in what they were learning and how it connected to the real world.
There’s a positive culture around parent-teacher relationships which is a real help, particularly when problems arise.
The school also celebrates tradition, but also encourages innovation, and everyone benefits from that.
Ms. Marchetti Middle School Teacher

Ms. Marchetti
Middle School Teacher

Being challenged to learn a subject in one language, and explain it in a second is no mean feat. As a staff team we discuss our students’ progress regularly and share strategies so we don’t work in silos.
The programme means academic expectations are high but the smaller class sizes and the fact that Castelli’s students have been well trained in collaborative learning, means that nobody gets left behind.
Ms. Joanna Middle and Elementary Teacher


Expectations of students are very high and educational attainment excellent as a result. Students show particular strengths in oral activities, with the groups I observed speaking English with an understanding, clarity and sophistication well above their chronological age. Contributions in lessons are pertinent, well informed and thorough. Students are confident about speaking out and expressing and exchanging ideas.

Buckingham University PGCE Inspector

Various experiences had given me reason to believe that I was a student with poor capacities, but somewhere deep in myself I knew it was not true. And that, am certain, was due to my year as your student. You helped me grow confident that year. You also created an atmosphere where we had the right to learn and grow in our own ways, where we, your students, were the actors of our own learning.

Jonna Louvrier Student

Looking back at their class photos over the years we remember just how well the school helped our children blossom. Leaving Castelli was a wrench, but they flew through the first year of high-school. Their self confidence was evident and the quickly settled in and demonstrate a level of maturity and intellect that my husband and I are so proud of.
Thank you Castelli, our 8 years with you stood them in excellent stead.

N.B. Parent

Student testimonials

CIS is one of my most cherished memories. It’s the best school you can wish for. Today I am studying computer engineering in Split, Croatia. CIS had a great influence on me and this is why I try to stay close to foreign languages and different cultures by being a tourist guide and volunteering in the Erasmus Student Network ok Split.
Anja Pivcevic Student

I will always have fond memories of Castelli, from the beautiful location, to the teachers, and the many trips we had the chance to take together, especially the time we went to Russia! The environment created a really close-knit group, and the years spent there were incredibly fun, but also prepared me immensely for the challenges I went on to face in the following years.
Luca Guidoni Student

The support and care of the teachers, staff and the beautiful setting made it such a unique and memorable experience. Our teachers ensured that we achieved our academic goals, but also fulfill our connection with the environment.
I have now moved on to become a Financial Consultant in an Investment bank in London, where I often meet up with classmates from CIS.
Julia Fioretti Student

Job Vacancies

Working at Castelli International School is a highly rewarding experience.
Our class sizes are small and we offer a comfortable, modern working environment. We have a well disciplined and ambitious student body who are eager to learn. You will quickly become part of an enthusiastic and motivated faculty, with a strong commitment to student-focused learning.

You are welcome to send your C.V. and cover letter to

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