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Castelli Wins Again!

This has been a wonderful year for our extremely enthusiastic female footballers in class 4 and 5. They played remarkably well to reach the final …

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Castelli’s Winning Formula: Maths Competitions

Castelli International regularly participates in national and international maths competitions and generally performs well.

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Girls Win High Praise

While Castelli’s class four boys were winning the trophy in their tournament, the girls of class five were making their teachers and parents just as …

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Wave of Change

The objective of the WAVE project is to have students all over the world write a climate commitment on 10cm x 10cm cards. These cards …

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Internationalism in Action: Bridges instead of Walls

Russian students visit Castelli and not only performed a Russian play for our students but also exchanged ideas and taught them traditional Russian dances. What a wonderful way to build bridges instead of walls. ​

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School shows bring learning to life

School shows at Castelli International are something students, parents and staff alike look forward to. It’s an opportunity to see the little ones shine, for parents …

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