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Mindfulness makes a Difference at Castelli International School

As children learn, grow and travel up through the school, we encourage them to stop, reflect and be mindful of what they are doing.

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Campaign for Plastic Reduction

Castelli’s Plastic reduction week is part of an international schools in Rome initiative. Look what we’ve done!

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Middle School Open Day

For 2020-21 intake.
Thursday December 5th 4pm

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Graduation: Class of 2019

On June 22nd, 2019 the Castelli International 8th grade students celebrated their Graduation. Some had been at Castelli for 8 years, others for 4 years …

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Castelli International Students recreate famous Da Vinci painting

Leonardo DaVinici flavours our Academic Fairs

If you want to learn something, study it. but if you really want to understand it – teach it. That is precisely what our annual educational fairs are about.

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One of our first students recalls

One of the first students at Castelli shares her memories of the school’s unique nature.

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