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Campaign for plastic reduction Caastelli International School in Rome letter writing campaign

Grade 5 Campaign to Reduce Plastic

Class 5 write letters to Parmareggio asking them to rethink their packaging for the ABC della Merenda.

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Elementary School Open Saturday

For 2020-21 intake.

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Class one taking part in the grape harvest

Grade 1 Newsletter December 2019

From magic numbers to plastic reduction, class one have had a great start to the year.

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West Side Story

The 8th graders took on the difficult role of acting and dancing to
Leonard Bernstein’s complex music. While the 6th and 7th graders contributed their energy by singing the Jet Song, America, Tonight and Somewhere.

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Protest Art

8th Grade students create artworks that raise awareness and make bold statements about the fragility of our environment.

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Food Studies Classes

Inspired by Dr. Antonia Demas’s (Ph.D.) Workshops and The China Study By Prof T. Colin Cambell

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