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Food Studies Classes

Inspired by Dr. Antonia Demas’s (Ph.D.) Workshops and The China Study By Prof T. Colin Cambell

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Grade 5 Make Wine

Thanks to the beautiful grounds which our school provides, Grade 5 children have been able to take part in the “Vendemmia” – harvesting the grapes, learning how to make wine and producing beautiful art.

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Project Based Learning update

Haikus from the PBL classes. Just one of the many student centred learning activities we offer.

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Hands-on Learning: Ecological Products

The elementary school set about making soap and toothpaste using natural products only.

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Girls at Castelli International School Engaged in Robotics

Robotics and More!

Castelli International students are at the forefront of ICT learning: writing computer games, programming robots and learning about programming logic and animation. 

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Mindfulness makes a Difference at Castelli International School

As children learn, grow and travel up through the school, we encourage them to stop, reflect and be mindful of what they are doing.

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