Castelli International Parents’ Association

Castelli International Parents’ Association (CIPA) plans the many exciting events and activities that enhance the school’s social profile and community spirit. These activities promote  friendship and fun for children and parents. Halloween parties, Christmas parties, Sports Day, and music evenings are are all organised by CIPA, as well as the annual spring fund-raiser.

CIPA is a parent run organization that enhances and supports the well being of our children and families.

All parents are automatically members of CIPA. The school welcomes and encourages parent involvement and support in CIPA sponsored events.

Castelli International School Parents’ Association – Mission:

  • To serve as the official organisation of parents who individually and cooperatively work with teachers and administrators to make a positive contribution towards CIS community spirit.
  • To create and deliver projects that increase parental involvement  in community activities.
  • To organize an annual fund raising events to raise money for charity and school needs.

General Information:

Castelli International Parents Association

CIPA is run by the CIPA coordinator who is chosen by parents from the pool of  classroom parent representatives. These representatives are elected at the beginning of the school year.

Parents who want to contribute new ideas for community activities or participate in already existing ones should contact the CIPA coordinator or classroom representative.

Parents wishing to communicate with CIPA can leave notes in the CIPA mailbox in the school office, or send an email to the following address:

The school director approves all official CIPA communications.

Coffee Hour:

At the beginning of the school year parents have an opportunity to greet old friends and make new ones, meet with teachers, administrators, and our CIPA coordinator. New parents will be introduced to CIPA and all parents will be encouraged to sign up as volunteers for one or more of the community projects and activities.

Community Activities:

  • Coffee Morning
  • Elementary Open House – September
  • Middle School Christmas Performance / Pot Luck Supper – December
  • Middle School Theme Week – January
  • Middle School Art Show – March
  • Elementary School Science Fair (March/April)
  • Middle School Science Fair
  • Fund-raising
  • Spring Fair / Sports Day – May
  • Night (Music) Under The Stars Pot Luck and Dance – June
  • Graduation Ceremony – June