The Campaign for Plastic Reduction  is a campaign that spans several international schools across Rome, who share the goal of significantly reducing plastic waste in schools. Castelli has been one of the schools at the forefront of this campaign and in September 2019 ran a week-long week of themed campaigns.

Plastic Reduction Assembly
Plastic Reduction Picnic
Plastic Reduction Information Display

Plastic Reduction Week at Castelli International

CPR week proved to be a massive success in the elementary school as pupils of all ages were treated to a wide range of stimulating activities that helped inform them about one of the world’s most pressing topics.

Pupils were introduced to the topic with an assembly on the Friday preceding CPR week, which set the scene for the activities to come. Each class teacher produced a range of activities on the topic, culminating in what turned out to be a wonderful assembly that brought the week to its conclusion. Each class group, through dramatic and musical performances, demonstrated what they had learned about the topic. It was a stunning event and all the pupils performed wonderfully well!

Pupils and teachers also worked during the week on the wonderfully bright and informative displays that now adorn the portico. And of course, pride of place went to ‘Bubbles,’ the fish that hangs from the roof and which is now the centrepiece of our building. There were many highlights during the week, but arguably the most memorable was the ‘plastic-free picnic.’ Pupils, equipped with picnic baskets and blankets relaxed, chatted and laughed in the mid-morning sun, whilst enjoying their ‘plastic-free’ treats! It was a truly memorable occasion in a week packed with great moments.

Castelli's Plastic Reduction Evaluation

In March 2019, as an international school in Rome, Castelli undertook an evaluation of its plastic use.  The info graphic below shows our baseline performance. Over the year we will be working hard to reduce our (the school’s and its pupils) use of plastic and improve our recycling.  There will be periodic evaluations, to monitor our progress.