Since September,  our Kindergarten and Elementary School have been hives of activity. The excitement of learning through doing is constant and ongoing. Regularly, the students leave their classrooms and take part in learning experiences that are fun, memorable and effective. Below are just some of these happy and creative moments. 


(5-year olds)

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The Great Outdoors

The Kindergarten pupils enjoyed the great outdoors and learned about seasonal changes in the nature around us. They went grape picking and they also found delicious chestnuts to roast.


Materials and their properties.

Pupils went on a walk around the school to observe the materials around us and why we use certain materials for particular things.

Grade 1

In Grade 1’s SPHE lessons, the pupils have been looking at how keeping fit keeps us healthy and they performed in an assembly. Then the children were put into small groups to be detectives. They had to find out the likes and dislikes of their partner.

In History, pupils learned about Queen Victoria and The Victorian Era. Here are some children making Victorian Quilts and sticking material in patterns on their books. They then made patterns using hexagon shapes.

Grade 2

Learning about Health and Balance

In school pupils learnt to appreciate, practise and understand how balance in our bodies and in the world around us are and how physical and mental processes best operate. Pupils experienced balance in geometry, design, mindfulness and in learning how our body works to bring itself into a steady state.

Grade 3

Science Experiment: Balloon Blow-up

Doing this experiment Grade 3 pupils learned a way to blow a balloon up without any huffing and puffing! They observed the three states of matter: liquid (vinegar) solid (baking soda) and gas (carbon dioxide).
Pupils repeated the experiment at home for their parents.

Grade 4 History

Writing like the Sumerians!

Grade 4 pupils researched the symbols the Sumerians used and made their own inscriptions on clay tablets, in the same way the Sumerians would have done, thousands of years ago!!!

Hammurabi's brave advisors!

What fun the Grade 4 pupils had writing plays about the infamous Babylonian king, Hammurabi! Having studied Hammurabi’s Code, the pupils began writing their own plays, which centered around some brave advisors who attempted to persuade their master to be a little less severe in the application of his notorious laws!

Space Oddity - Ground Control to Grade 5

Science, ICT and English

Having done some research into facts and figures regarding our Solar System, our intrepid Grade Fivers took off on an imaginary trip to explore outer space.
Luckily for us , they sent back some great postcards!

Castelli International D.O.C.

Grade Five’s traditional take on the art of wine-making!

After the Kindergarten and Grade 1 pupils had harvested the grapes from the school’s vineyards as part of the vendemia, Grade 5’s hand-on learning became feet-first learning.

With much merriment, the clean-footed learners,
crushed and squashed the grapes and finally squeezed them through the Castelli mini-winepress in order to recuperate that last drop!