Admissions & Fees

Admissions Procedure

Castelli International School has a rolling admissions policy which means that applications will be accepted throughout the school year and summer. However, as space is limited, we encourage applicants to apply no later than January preceding the academic year of entrance.

We select our students based on how well they relate to the school environment, not only academically and socially, but also as participants in problem-solving activities, critical analysis, evidence gathering and clear communication, which is an integral part of our experiential approach to learning.

Where a visit to the school is possible, students applying for Grades 1, 2 and 3 have an informal interview. Students from 4th grade on, take a written test along with the interview. If that is not possible the student must fill out the application forms on the website and return to the school.

The application procedure is complete once the School has received:

  • application form;
  • a teacher recommendation form;
  • a copy of the two most recent report cards.


Academic Year 2023 – 2024


annual fee

1 and 2

annual fee*

3, 4, 5

annual fee*


annual fee*
* A one-off capital assessment fee of € 1.000 applies to new students in the Elementary and Middle School. 
See forms below for more details regarding fees.

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Once completed please sign a copy and send it to


Decisions on admissions are usually taken within 2 calendar weeks.

Deposits, registration and capital assessment fees must be paid before your child begins to attend the school. Term fees fall due in mid-September and mid-January. If you are joining mid-year you will be provided with a payment schedule.

Our students enter grade 1 at age 6. The cut-off date for the age group is December 31st.

Because our class sizes are small, the whole class is involved in welcoming the new pupil. A support buddy is assigned. If needed, extra help is provided.

Learning is differentiated and tailored to each child. We strive to keep young minds inquisitive and active and our commitment to collaborative learning also ensures no child feels under-stimulated.

We support the parents to access English or Italian SEN specialists based in our catchment area. The SEN specialist will work closely with our teaching staff when needed and SEN forms part of our ongoing staff training.

We have a behaviour policy which promotes reflection, and mature conflict resolution. Consequences include community service and completing the reflection sheet. For further details on behaviour policy, please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook.