Mission Statement

To develop inquisitive, caring and well-rounded global citizens
who will make a positive impact in our world.

Internationally focused curriculum helps ignite students’ curiosity. The individual is put at the heart of our teaching and the best qualities in each of our pupils are nurtured.

Small class sizes allow teachers to respond well to the students’ academic and developmental needs. Support is offered for students who need extra help.

Our green environment consists of vineyards, olive groves, gardening plots, a greenhouse and beautiful school grounds. The healthy, smog free air of the Castelli hills, leads to an exceptional learning experience, where whenever possible, lessons are held outside.

Student and staff relationships are informal, though respectful, and create a thriving international community.

Cultural trips are run for all classes throughout the year to local, national and international locations depending on the grade.

Thriving community. At Castelli we have a thriving and active community where teamwork is promoted between teachers and parents by inviting specialist parents to share their expertise with our students.

The Castelli International Parents’ Association (CIPA) plays an integral role in our school by organising fundraising events, a variety of social events and classroom projects.

Updates for parents are provided regularly on activities in the school through our My.Castelli site, a password protected area offering photographs and videos from around the school and a showcase of some of the best work produced by the students.


International Curricula

Our successful international curriculum is integrated with the Cambridge Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary curricula. All lessons are taught in English which is the primary language of the school.
In school Cambridge Checkpoint, IGCSE and the external Italian State exams, provide two challenging qualifications which allow our students to enter high schools worldwide.

International Experience

Our student body, made up of approx. 15 nationalities, contribute their varied cultures and traditions, thus enriching the learning experience of the school community. Current Events, focused on the major international issues, are introduced in the middle school and culminate in the “Harvard Model United Nations” conference in Boston for the graduating students.

International Teachers

Our faculty all hold internationally recognised teaching qualifications. Staff turnover is low, ensuring continuity as we lead our pupils on a voyage of discovery.

Our faculty comes from Australia, Ireland, England and the USA, exposing our students to a range of accents. French, Italian as well as other optional languages, are all taught by qualified mother-tongue teachers.

When you involve me, I learn.

Our Teachers Value Experiential learning

Our faculty takes a creative approach to teaching and we encourage collaborative learning, where students investigate an issue and share the topic area studied with their peers.

Our teachers support and challenge critical thinking by enabling students to make cross curricular connections, for example, on how technical progress is affected by physical geography and how, in turn, this impacts on history and current affairs, thus creating engaging and dynamic lessons.

Although textbooks are useful resources, they don’t dictate what we do, or how we do it. Every child matters and our teachers plan and deliver their lessons using a differenciated approach when needed.

The students’ successful exam results are not only a product of their work, but also are due to the skill and dedication of an exceptional team of teachers, whose passion and joy for learning is contagious.

We love the environment

Open air activities

The rich countryside of the campus inspires creativity and encourages a healthy and relaxed atmosphere which is perfect for learning. Wherever possible, lessons are held outdoors, making the most of the school’s grounds.

Students also experience sowing seeds, harvesting organically grown vegetables and preparing tasty and wholesome foods in their Food Literacy classes.

Sustainable euducation

Students, faculty and staff are all involved in contributing to a sustainable future.
The 4 Rs are an active component of this campaign: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reinvent.

Students are encouraged to apply simple habits like, switching off lights in unused classrooms, monitoring water use , turning computers off rather than leaving them on screen savers, and recycling paper.

Environmentally Friendly

Our love of the natural environment is also
channelled into protecting it.
The School is pro-actively involved in sophisticated sustainable projects like intelligent watering, using rainwater for gardening and flushing toilets, solar energy and other energy saving projects which include the building of a greenhouse to have year-round crops, and the building of an Eco-house to learn about sustainable Eco-living.

community focused

School Community

The School’s location and the strong sense of commuity is an ideal situation for incoming students and parents to easily build meaningful relations.

Plenty of social events for parents and students are organized at Castelli. Working relationships among staff, students and families are friendly and respectful.

Local Community

Castelli International is a well known educational institution in the area, appreciated for donating  materials, time and expertise to improve local community facilities. Funds are also raised for local community organisations.
Castelli significantly contributes to local cultural initiatives, as well as to innovative educational projects in collaboration with several local schools

International Community

Castelli International strongly supports cultural and academic initiatives collaborating with international schools and external visitors to share their expertise with our faculty and students.

Castelli also works closely with several charity organisations, raising funds for start-up schools in developing countries and refugee centres.


Castelli International is an authorised Cambridge International School. We offer Cambridge International Examination qualifications that are recognised by the world’s best schools, universities and employers. We offer Cambridge Secondary 1 and 2 in English, Mathematics and Science, Cambridge Checkpoint test and Cambridge Secondary 2 IGCSE English as a Second Language.

Founding member of the
Rome International Schools Association

Recommended on World Schools