Earth to Table: 2012

Another bountiful harvest came from the student run vegetable garden, giving the students participating in the project a hands on opportunity to see where their food comes from. This project sees the students prepare the ground, sow seeds, tend for, and nurture their plants using organic methods, and then enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of their labour.

In a world where a large amount of food is prepared industrially and meal times increasingly involve little more than opening a branded packet, that children learn and appreciate the amount of work involved in producing high-quality, healthy food. The Earth to Table Project also encourages children to make sensible eating choices and is complimented by healthy eating module as part of our bi-lingual syllabus.

The Earth to Table Project also has other additional benefits, and sessions in the vegetable garden help to calm and focus young minds. We also use time in the garden for conflict resolution, and  encourage students to put squabbles and differences to one side, and learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and work together. Team work is very important to tame nature and it provides time for the teaching and support staff to talk and listen to the children as they work together constructively.