Class 5’s Etruscan Trip

In the final year of elementary school the children revise their studies into the Etruscan civilization by paying a visit to a special centre for experimental archaeology. As well as getting hands on experience of being an archaeologist, they learn about some of the most important activities conducted by the Etruscans. The workshops are lead by highly qualified archaeologists who not only know their stuff, but have the most amazing rapport with the students. The children sleep in Etruscan huts (fortunately with an ensuit bathroom), they go horse riding to visit some Etruscan tombs, and of course, there’s also some time for a swim in the pool and the chance to dance away the night at the disco.

This year the trip included workshops on

Archaeological excavations and careful identification and recording of their finds:

Recording our archaeological finds Careful recording is important Teaming working on the school trip Look at the Etruscan treasures we found

Making perfumes following traditional Etruscan techniques

Smells kind of Etruscan Class 5 learn how the Etruscans made perfume


Tomb painting and burial activities

Examining typical Etruscan tomb paintings Soon to be Etruscan tomb artist Only certain colours were used Tomb-tastic Castelli Burial Artist


A talk on Villa Nuovan settlements


The Etruscan process of making glass

Glass might get broken, but it never gets destroyed Molten glass, straight from an Etruscan kiln Glass Placed into Molds A hot glass face


A visit on horseback to a Village and Tombs in the surrounding area

Etruscan tombs

The archaeologist guides at the centre are wonderful, they carefully explain how each of the activities the children get involved in were reconstructed from archaeological finds. The equipment they use, from kilns to scents, are all based on the materials the Etruscans had available to them and they really know their stuff. It’s a wonderful way to end the year on a high note and provides a welcome break from study, so the children are recharged, and motivated to get ready for their Italian State Exams.

Etruscan Hut Living

Etruscan Hut Living

Etruscan Disco Dancing

Etruscan feeding time at the zoo


Horse Riding on the Etruscan Trip


Cooling off in the Pool

and back home EXHAUSTED!


The centre we visited also offers an exciting summer programme of outdoor activities. For more information click here 
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