Our Trip in USA

I encourage all future students to participate to this tiring but educational experience.

On the 22nd January 2012 my classmates and I departed for a trip to the United States of America with Mrs. P, Ms. Giorgia and Martina’s parents. Unfortunately we arrived in the late afternoon and we couldn’t do much before going to bed. We went directly to our hotel to leave our luggage and right after we ate at Mc Donald’s (like the rest of the days). Tired from the 9 hour flight, we went to our rooms to rest. The next morning, ready for a hard day of work, our trip started.

New York, a chaotic and enormous city, wonderful but stressing city, welcomed us with its interesting museums and places to discover. We had only two and a half days to visit this imposing city, which told us that this was no vacation. We managed to see Ellis island (the statue of Liberty looks much smaller than it seems), Ground Zero and the UN on the first day. We walked, but the pain of that day couldn’t be compared to the one of the second. Two magnificent museums were discovered by us the next day, the Metropolitan and my favorite of the two: the Natural History Museum. The skeletons and reproductions that showed the evolution of species were absolutely wonderful. We also visited the Planetarium: an interesting and educational way to discover the stars and their secrets. Shopping was the worst experience that day and I will not talk about it, as we all know how boring for us (boys) it is . The morning of our last day in NY was spent in a hurry on the Empire state building. An astonishing and breathtaking view gave us the farewell. After that, we departed from Chinatown on a bus with a five hour journey ahead.

With elegant suits and serious faces we, the delegates of Ghana, were “ready” to attend to two 4hour sessions a day discussing worldwide problems as true diplomats. A wonderful experience I must say. I encourage all future students to participate to this tiring but educational experience. I have learned many things from this trip, and I can say that USA is the leading country in economy, but my homeland will always have the best food!!!