American Dreams

Castelli Harvard Model Unitied Nations Student

“all this fatigue was worth it “

I was there, standing in front of a microphone holding a piece of paper, with 400 eyes staring at me…

There I was on Sunday 22nd of January at 8 o’clock a.m., frozen near the gate of Fiumicino’s Terminal 5 waiting anxiously for Ms. P and Ms. Giorgia who seemed never to arrive, while our heads filled with illusions and dreams on America.

Reached La Guardia airport after a 9 hour flight in a U.S company airplane I imagined this trip as a relaxing moment after the many exams we had taken just few days before.

Soon, I understood that my theory was completely wrong, and that the only relaxing moment was when you found yourself in the warm bed of the Pennsylvania hotel. However, I also understood that

beacause never in my life will I visit Ground Zero, The Natural History Museum, Empire State, Metropolitan, and many more attractions with such friends and especially with Ms. P.

But this isn’t all! After a 5 hour exhausting bus trip, we reached the Sheraton Boston Hotel in which I was going to attend the nightly discussions and debates on the United States natural and economic situation and the 9 hour tiring but interesting sessions of the HMUN.

I thank MsP for this unforgettable experience that will stay in my heart and for the many friends I found in my committee that I will hopefully keep for the rest of my life.


By: Andrea Barzilai