Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation

Athletics Hall of Fame

Tennis Tournaments at Castelli International School

The tennis club which runs throughout the year not only provides our student with personalised coaching and plenty of practice to fine tune their techniques, the tennis club also fosters sportsmanship and rewards good conduct. At the end of the year we run a tournament for the club’s members. Here are the results.   Girls Tennis Tournament …

Tennis Club Tournament

The tennis club had a tennis tournament yesterday, below are results and pictures. Our special thanks goes to Alfonso Castelli’s tennis teacher.  

Sports Day Update

All entries to Sports Day have been received and organized. Wherever possible, pupils are in the same team as last year, and placed in the same house as siblings. Some pupils are bringing friends to take part. They are very welcome to do so, and wherever possible, they too will be placed together. If we …

Sports Day Sign up Now !

Dear Parents, CASTELLI SPORTS DAY 2013 Castelli International School is happy to announce that it will be staging its Sports Day on Saturday, 8th June, 2013 here at the school between the hours of 0900 and 1600. The day will include football, tag-rugby, hockey, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and other activities. To facilitate the effective organization …

New School Tournament

Classes Two and Three will be competing in the New School Tournament on 4th May, while Classes Four and Five will be competing in the six-a-side competition.  All necessary information can be found in the attached letter.      

St. George’s Football Tournament

After the Middle School football team had come so close to winning at the Marymount Football Tournament a few weeks ago, it was the turn of the Elementary School to put in an excellent display on Saturday – this time at the St George’s Football Tournament. There were about thirty teams present, including the two …

7-a-side Football: Carparking

  Update for parents bringing children to the Marymount International Football Tournament on Saturday: for parking, please use the Marymount International School car park which is located at the end of the street, at the school entrance, not the car park that is opposite the playing field. ADVERT

Middle School Shot Put Results

Alessandro C. 3,50 4,30 5,37 Alessandro M. 4,60 5,77 F Enzo       Pietro 7,10 7,17 7,50 Raphael 7,60 7,64 6,80 Sebastian F 5,74 F         Anita 5,05 5,42 5,47 Chiara F 4,70 F Sara 3,08 2,98 3,74

Shot Put Results

Here are class 5’s shot put results.   Name Lorenzo F Taro 3,45 Martha 3,43 Claudia 2,75 Rodney 4,50 Angelica 1,55 Valeria 3,32 Leonardo 2,97 Elouan F Bèla 3,13 Vittoria Zamma 2,55 Sam Ridley 3,50 Giulia Serelli F Sagal Maimone 3,34 Simone Turcarelli 1,09 Marina Appoloni 3,02 Andrea 4,13 Federico 3,52  


Castelli International has many talented, award-winning gymnasts, and we were lucky to see some of them perform on the day. Click on the video to see Heidi and Lidia performing their piece.   [vimeo]

The New School Football Tournament

Castelli International School took part in the New School Football Tournament at the Centro Sportivo Flaminio in Rome on Saturday (12th May). Teams from Classes Three and Four played in two separate groups, competing against twenty-eight other teams from international schools. Both classes reached the quarter finals with some excellent performances, punctuated by some doughty …

High Jump Results II Media

High Jump results for II Media     Alessandro C. 1.00m Alessandro M. 0.90m Pietro 0.95m Raphael 1.12m Sebastian 1.12m Anita 0.90m Chiara 1.02m Sara 1.00m  

Athletics Hall of Fame: Performance Records for 2012

School Athletics Records Long Jump III Media Boys R. Mutini 3.29m Girls F. Di Paolo 2.95m II Media Boys R. Zehner 3.76m Girls C. Pulvano 3.00m I Media Boys B. Borgia 3.11m Girls A. De Col 2.47m 5 Elem Boys R. Cowie 3.12m Girls C. Lagana 2.26m 4 Elem Boys A. Carrara 2.61m Girls E. …

Ball Throwing Results: Class 4

All results in cm Name Throw 1 Throw 2 Throw 3 Adrien 19,95 18,70 17,65 Alessandro C. 16,90 16,90 NT Alessandro G. 24,25 NT 22,00         Chloé DNT DNT DNT Elisa 6,39 6,20 9,45 Francesca 11,95 13,10 13,60 Ginevra DNT DNT DNT Heidi 7,18 5,80 8,55 Jasmine 10,05 16,20 15,10 Laura 10,20 …

Class 4 Long Jump Results

Class 4 Long Jump Results Name Jump 1 Jump 2 Jump 3 Adrien DNJ DNJ DNJ Alessandro C. 2,27 2,61 2,40 Alessandro G. 1,95 1,94 2,05         Chloé 1,00 1,15 1,29 Elisa 2,10 2,36 2,63 Francesca DNJ DNJ DNJ Ginevra 1,60 1,63 1,41 Heidi DNJ DNJ DNJ Jasmine DNJ DNJ DNJ Laura …

Middle School Long Jump Results

  Grade 8 Long Jump Results Name Jump 1 Jump 2 Jump 3 Andrea NJ 3,20 3,24 Andreas 2,87 2,89 NJ Davide 2,78 3,18 3,10 Fabio 2,61 3,13 3,10 Gabriele NJ NJ 2,60 Nicola 3,25 3,23 NJ Nicolò 2,99 NJ 2,54 Riccardo C. 3,08 2,79 NJ Riccardo M. NJ NJ 3,29 Michelangelo 2,25 2,57 2,47 …

Class 5’s Long-jump Results

Name Jump 1 Jump 2 Jump 3 Lorenzo 2.58 2.71 2.55 Taro NJ 2.73 2.74 Martha NJ NJ 2.10 Claudia NJ 1.99 2.26 Rodney 3.12 3.12 NJ Angelica 1.08 1.08 NJ Valeria 1.93 1.93 2.15 Leonardo 1.78 1.78 2.00 Elouan NJ 2.21 1.95 Bèla 2.19 1.80 2.18 Vittoria 1.74 1.67 1.55 Sam 2.33 NJ 2.69 …

CIS Win Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition

Children from Castelli International School participated in the local Rhythmic Gymnastic Competition recently and came away with first prize! Well done everyone, a very impressive and professional performance!   [nivo_slider source=”post” link=”image” size=”500×300″ limit=”10″ effect=”random” speed=”600″ delay=”3000″]


Volleyball A volleyball match took place at Castelli today, with our girls playing a visiting team from our friends at Southlands. Despite an accident blocking the road to the school, which caused the Southlands bus to be delayed in traffic for two hours, the girls eventually arrived in good spirits. The Castelli girls’ team was …

Football Report – C.I.S. Vs Southlands

Following a journey fraught with misfortune and a “small mountain climbing” exercise we finally managed to get the teams on the pitch. Two games were played, with the Castelli First and Second teams being selected from Grades 7 and 8. Castelli First team drew with Southlands’ first team 1-1. Castelli Second team beat Southlands’ second …

Bisons v Alligators

There was a lively game on Friday with the CIS Alligators playing basketball against the Bisons. The final score was: Alligators 1   – Bisons -0 [nivo_slider source=”post” link=”none” size=”690×350″ limit=”5″ effect=”fade” speed=”600″ delay=”3000″]

Buddy Systems and Collaborative Learning

We like collaborative learning at Castelli. One way in which it can be done and that is a great way to consolidate a child’s learning, is to change the role of the student to become the teacher. Recently in a PE lesson, class 7 taught and helped coach class 4 in some volley ball techniques. …


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