Earth to Table
Learning about where our food comes from and combining it with science experiements

Nurturing the bean seeds with excellent precision which will be followed by careful recording to see how long it takes for them to sprout.

Castelli International school is nestled amongst vineyards and olive groves and provides the ideal backdrop to spark children’s interest in the art of growing and producing fresh healthy food. The Earth to Table project aims to teach children the importance of growing food, and how much healthier and tastier fresh fruit and vegetables can be. The children have over the years created their own vegetable garden, built a greenhouse out of discarded plastic bottles, been involved in harvesting olives, grapes, making wine and learning hands on what food production involves.

Recently we’ve launched the second part of our project, embarking on an exploration of what nutrition is. You can read about the The Nutrition Project here.

Nutrition Project: You Are What You Eat

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