Our programme is challenging and rewarding. All lessons are taught in English, except for language classes that are taught by mother tongue teachers.
Students opting for the Italian Ministerial Exams take the course in Italian for one hour every day starting from third grade.


Attending Kindergarten allows the youngest children to start their pre-school education in a relaxed manner, facilitating their integration into primary school. The programme is based on our philosophy, which through educational, artistic and hands-on activities allows the children to develop their talents. Their creativity is carefully nurtured by our experienced and qualified teachers in a unique environment immersed in nature. This stimulates the children's imagination in harmony with the environment.

After 14 years

At the end of their journey at Castelli International, students will be able to enrol either in Italian high schools (subject to passing the Italian state exams), or continue their studies at other international schools; they will then be able to continue their studies in national or international universities, leading to successful international careers. A few examples:

The campus has 1 regular-sized multi-purpose court, where the students play basketball, hockey, tag-rugby, tennis and cricket. In addition, there are 2 regular-sized synthetic turf pitches where students play football and volleyball.

Thanks to these facilities, the school often hosts tournaments and sports events.



Castelli International School is willing to enter into partnerships with other Institutions that cater for children from 0 to 5 years of age, or with high schools for students aged 14 and above in the Castelli Romani area. We are interested in finding Partners who share our values and teaching methods, based on holistic and experiential learning, in order to offer a continuous pathway to children from kindergarten to lower secondary and then high school.


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