Castelli International School has a rolling admissions policy which means that applications will be accepted throughout the school year and summer. However, due to the limited number of places available, it is advisable to apply for admission by January preceding the academic year of entrance.


How we evaluate students

The acceptance of students at Castelli International School is based on the assessment:

■ of the ability to relate to school environment, both academically and socially;

■ of readiness for critical analysis;

■ of the ability to face and solve problems, to gather information and communicate it, which are an integral part of our experiential approach to learning.


Admissions procedure

For students applying to Primary School there is an informal admissions interview at the school.

Students applying for lower secondary (Grades 6 - 8) will undergo a written evalutaion in English, math and Italian as well as an interview. If it is not possible to have the interview and test in person, students must:

■ complete and submit the admission form. Once completed in its entirety print it out and email it signed to:

■ send a reference letter from a teacher at their home school

■ attach a copy of the last two report cards from their home school.


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